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A Day in the Life of Danny Harf

Behind the scenes..Its not every day you get to see what happens during the off season of Pro athletes, so we caught up with Danny Harf for a few days. Sean Kilgus took his HD camera and put together A Day in the Life of Danny Harf. For someone who has landed multiple 1080s and the first ever 1260, you couldnt ask for a more down-to-earth, nice guy to be around. Dannys going on his 9th year as a Nautique athlete; since joining the team, he has won 4 X-Games Gold Medals, traveled all over the world and currently holds the Best Wake Rider of the Year award, plus numerous other accomplishment too long to mention. Thanks for checking out the Team Nautique Blog. Hope you enjoy! Heres Danny Harf, up close and personal. Check out his Wrapped, Grab Toe Side Backside 720!!! His first time to land it was for this video!

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