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Oct 20, 2010

K.C. Wilson slaloming behind the Sport Nautique 200

ORLANDO, FLA (October 20, 2010) — Today the all-new (v-drive) Sport Nautique 200 was officially approved by USA Water Ski to pull record capable tournaments. The record capable rating is the highest rating available for a ski boat.

Nautique has previously received this rating for the Ski Nautique 200 and the World Slalom Record and a pending World Trick Record were set behind that boat earlier this year. Now the Sport Nautique 200 (v-drive) also carries the record capable rating.

USA Water Ski evaluations are designed to measure and test each towboat in power and acceleration, drivability, handling and maneuverability; engineering, sound level testing and 3-event wakes. The Sport Nautique 200 passed all of these tests to be recognized as a record capable approved tournament towboat.

The new Sport Nautique 200 is very unique to our industry in that it has impressed skiers, wakeboarders, wakesurfers and wakeskaters alike. The Sport Nautique 200 has differentiated itself as the industry best all around watersports boat.

Current Slalom World Record holder Chris Parrish stated “On my very first pass as I was going through the wakes I was absolutely stunned on how amazing the wake felt. The Sport 200 is incredibly versatile and there’s no competitor’s boat that can even compare to the slalom wake.” Wakeboarding legend Shaun Murray added “Honestly, I was surprised, there have been attempts in the industry for a true crossover boat but the Sport Nautique 200 is impressive. It has a great wake for recreational wakeboarding and will be a great fit for families that want to ski and wakeboard.”

“We at Nautique are thrilled to have our newest innovation, the Sport Nautique 200 (v-drive), receive a record capable tournament rating,” stated Nautique’s President/CEO, Bill Yeargin. “The Nautique team worked incredibly hard to bring a boat to the market that would satisfy the hardcore skier but also create a great wake for wakeboarding, wakesurfing and wakeskating,” Yeargin added.

To read Bill Yeargin’s Nautique Insider blog regarding the Sport Nautique 200, please click here.