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Mar 16, 2011

Moomba Masters Site

Moomba Masters Crowd

ORLANDO, FLA (March 16, 2011)—The 2011 Moomba Masters Invitational Championship was an amazing competition with a record breaking attendance of over 500,000 people during the six day event. The Ski Nautique 200 pulled eight course records, one Australian record plus podium performances for Team Nautique athletes Natallia Berdnikava and Scot Ellis; while the Super Air Nautique 230 made its debut on the Yarra River to pull the wakeboard event.

Over the course of Moomba Masters, junior skiers Erika Lang reset the Junior Women’s Trick course record to 8,550 points while Junior Men’s Trick athlete Josh Briant set a new course record plus the Australian record to 9,700 points. Jacinta Carroll jumped 48.8m in Junior Women’s breaking the old course record while Tim Bradstreet reset the Junior Men’s Jump with a distance of 48.8m. In the professional division on the first day, Team Nautique’s newest addition Natallia Berdnikava set a new Women’s Trick course record of 8,600 points and then in the finals reset the course record to a new score of 8,870 points. Freddy Krueger blasted through the air setting a new Men’s Jump course record of 70.7m and Will Asher set a new Men’s Slalom course record of 3@41-off.

“The 51st Moomba Masters was record breaking not only in attendance but as well as the athlete performances from course records to numerous personal bests,” commented Moomba Masters Organizer, Darren Robertson. “We are proud to have Nautique as the premier towboat pulling this prestigious event, everyone at Nautique has been extremely supportive. The Moomba Masters and U.S. Masters are the powerhouse events worldwide,” added Robertson.

Team Nautique athlete Natallia Berdnikava shined this weekend blowing the competition away earning a first place win in Tricks and also placing second in Jump. Long-time Team Nautique skier, Scot Ellis podium third in Jump and again in the Night Jump!

The Super Air Nautique 230 provided the best wake ever to be ridden behind on the Yarra River for the wakeboard competition. The competitors were not only amazed how clean the wake was but also the size of wake that allowed these wakeboarders to perform.

“All of us on the Nautique team are thrilled to be the official towboat of the Moomba Masters. This premier event requires the industry’s best boat and we are happy that they have chosen Nautique,” stated Nautique’s President/CEO Bill Yeargin. “The many records pulled behind the Ski Nautique 200, included all of those set at this year’s Moomba Masters; proves once again that it is undisputedly the best ski boat in the market.” Yeargin added.

To view the Moomba Masters tournament results please visit Nautique Events. For more information on the prestigious Moomba Masters please visit the “Moomba Masters webiste.”: