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Jul 16, 2009

Nautique is proud to revolutionize the skiing industry once again with the launch of the ground-breaking Ski Nautique 200. The innovative, new Ski Nautique 200, available in open or closed bow, is the ultimate, three-event tournament ski boat.

The Ski Nautique 200’s unique hull design, which is identical on the 200 – Open Bow and the 200 – Closed Bow, rides higher on the water, creating impeccable handling and an unmatched wake that is simply the softest and most passable. The flatter wake with minimal trough produces a smoother exit and allows slalom skiers at all speeds and rope lengths to effectively maintain ski edge, control and direction. The 200 is also ideal for trick skiers as it creates a clean, smooth table and a defined, single peak wake that lets the skier easily feel the top.

The all-new lower instrument panel is positioned to create a superior field of vision for drivers of different height ranges. The Zero-Off speed control has been repositioned at the driver’s right hand, along with the Hydro-Gate, allowing for all-in-one hand control operation. In addition, the 200 Team Edition features the innovative Nautique LINC System, the most advanced digital helm display available in the watersports market. Both the closed bow and open bow versions of the Ski Nautique 200 feature twin saddlebag compartments which hold up to 6 sets of water skis and gear.

The Ski Nautique 200 will debut for the world market at the 2009 World Water Ski Championships held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, August 3-9. This revolutionary ski boat will also be unveiled for the U.S. market at the 2009 National Water Ski Championships held in West Palm Beach, FL, August 11-15. Additionally, the fourth annual O’Brien Big Dawg Finals, which will be held August 13-14 in West Palm Beach, in conjunction with the prestigious Nationals, will be the first tournament to exclusively use the revolutionary Ski Nautique 200.

“The entire Nautique team is thrilled to offer the innovative Ski Nautique 200 to all those who love water-skiing.” stated Correct Craft President/CEOBill Yeargin. “Nautique has always been the leading manufacturer in ski boats and we are proud to once again revolutionize the industry with the introduction of the Ski Nautique 200” Yeargin added.

To experience the all-new Ski Nautique 200 for yourself, visit the revolutionary Ski Nautique 200.