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Aug 24, 2007

ORLANDO, FLA (August 24, 2007) Correct Craft, Inc. a manufacturer of water ski and wakeboard boats has exclusively introduced Zero Off GPS-Based Speed control for the 2008 model year.

This new and innovative speed control system is offered exclusively on Nautiques by Correct Craft and is being touted by skiers and wakeboarders around the country as a revolutionary improvement for the towboat industry.

For skiers the benefits are significant. The AWSA approved system does not require magnets on the slalom course and there is no need for skier weight, crew weight or even wind adjustment, just set the speed and go. For wakeboarders the system is equally simple and also accurate holding speed in turns and double ups like no other system can do. This revolutionary new system measures the speed across the water while working off a minimum of four satellites at any given time. It also has a course-mapping memory built in for the different lakes you ski or ride.

The response to the system has been incredible:

- Team Nautique athlete, Shaun Murray said, “After I tested Zero Off and it was taken off my boat for a few days, I couldn’t wait to get it put back on. It’s by far the best cruise control out there.”

- Legendary Team Nautique skier Andy Mapple said “Zero Off just took all the guess work out of the driver’s hands. Put in the desired speed and all focus is now on the straightest pull for the skier. Scores will rise because of its ability to be so consistent. What more could a skier ask for? Zero Off and a Ski Nautique!”

Recently, Zero-Off was made available to skiers at the Goode Water Ski Nationals in Bakersfield, California and those who used it raved about how exceptional it is:

- Todd Kuykendall a Nationals and Big Dawg competitor from Enid, OK said, “I was able to get free of the boat easier at the buoys and I felt less rushed.”

- “We think the product is outstanding and can hardly wait to have Zero Off in our boat,” said Mic & Donna Hess from Ski West Village, CA.

Correct Craft’s President/CEO Bill Yeargin stated “Correct Craft has built a solid reputation of being an innovator in our industry and we are happy to once again lead the way by exclusively offering the Zero Off GPS Speed Control System.” Yeargin added “The most satisfying part of offering this new system has been seeing the delight in the eyes of those who have used it.”