Super Air Nautique G25 Paragon

delivering the best wakesurf and
wakeboard performance possible

The Super Air Nautique G25 Paragon’s hull provides maximum riding comfort while delivering the best wakesurf and wakeboard performance possible. The wakesurf wave is has an incredibly versatile shape that can be completely customized based on your preference. While the surf waves have never been better thanks to specific hull characteristics, the wakeboard wakes will satisfy the sport’s best all the way to the those just looking to have fun. The G25 Paragon is truly the ultimate wake sports machine.

equipped with most powerful
engine in the business

The Super Air Nautique G25 Paragon comes packed with PCM’s brand-new supercharged ZZ8 engine. The most advanced gasoline engine in the marine industry, the ZZ8 delivers 608 horsepower and offers more power than anything else in the Nautique line-up. Coming standard on the G25 Paragon, the direct-injection ZZ8 is a powerhouse that performs flawlessly in any situation.

remotely view
important information

For the 2020 G25 Paragon, Nautique is proud to offer an all-new integrated connectivity platform called MyNautique. With the ability to remotely view your Paragon’s fuel level, location, battery voltage and other important information, MyNautique allows you to virtually connect to your boat from your phone or computer.