Super Air Nautique G25 Paragon

a whole new level

The Nautique Telescoping Flight Control Tower, manufactured in conjunction with Roswell Marine®, takes the experience of being onboard the G25 Paragon to a whole new level. This tower is easy to telescope up and down with the push of a button. With the bimini remaining in place, the tower can be moved into the down position with everyone sitting comfortably in their seats. This can be used when going under bridges, storing your boat, or simply when you and your crew want to stay out of the elements. The Telescoping Flight Control Tower was designed so that the boat can be in motion with the tower completely up or completely down.

shade during those long,
hot days on the water

Wide coverage from the elements and more features than ever before, the standard bimini aboard the G25 Paragon is optimal at providing shade during those long, hot days on the water. With surfboard storage on top and pockets underneath for rope and other gear storage, this bimini has utilitarian roots while complimenting the aesthetics of the Paragon. And while the Telescoping Flight Control Tower can be raised and lowered when needed, the bimini remains mounted and provides coverage in either position.

certain to leave its mark
on everyone

A stunning visual profile, the Super Air Nautique G25 Paragon integrates sharp lines and a modern look that is certain to leave its mark on everyone who witnesses it. The faceted hull sides and striking lines are incorporated throughout the entire exterior, completing the next step in the visual signature that the Paragon has created. With aggressive styling and breathtaking features, the G25 Paragon is meant to make an impression.