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Over 40 years of experience is what goes into the engine compartment of every Nautique. The team at Pleasurecraft® Marine Engine Company takes a fanatical approach to creating the most powerful, reliable and technologically-advanced power plants on the towboat market, and it shows with how they perform on the water. Committed to the idea that every component, every piece and every part of the engine contributes to the overall performance has been embodied in an approach PCM calls: HYPERFORMANCE. This attention to every detail along with the innovation incorporated by GM® Marine Engine Technology and direct injection methods has given PCM the leading edge over any other marine engine manufacturer in the market.

PCM has brought to the market, through constant design innovations, many exclusive features and benefits that are not found on competing engines.

CATANIUM® - Clean Emission System

PCM’s exclusive, patented CATANIUM® Clean Emission System (CES) is advanced catalyst technology. CATANIUM® CES, greatly reduces harmful emissions and dangerous carbon monoxide, creating a cleaner, safer marine environment.

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Proper cooling is vital to the life and durability of any marine engine. Years of experience have led to the most advanced marine engine raw water pump, which was specially designed by PCM for water sports applications. The result is the ultimate in cooling and lasting durability.

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PCM’s, patented precision fuel delivery and filtration system, the Fuel Control Cell (FCC), ensures that the engine always has a constant supply of fuel, and has the best fuel protection in the industry. The conveniently mounted multi-pump reservoir provide unmatched reliability, and with two 10-Micron fuel filters/water separators, the FCC out performs the competition’s “in tank” pump system in every way.

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PCM’s Power Plus 40 series transmissions were the revolutionary innovation that set the standard for inboard transmission design. PCM’s New Power Plus 80 series transmissions have been designed to handle the torque and horsepower of the future. Whether it be an in-line or a v-drive application, the Power Plus 80 series delivers the smoothest and quietest shifting and operation in the industry.

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PCM is the first manufacturer to design a V-Drive propulsion system specifically for the unique demands of wakeboard boats. The Power Plus V-Drive’s compact design allows for more below deck space (i.e. ballast), along with increased room in the interior. The through-shaft design makes service and realignment simple, and all components are crafted from the most durable materials available. Paired with the PCM Power Plus 80 series transmissions, The Power Plus V-Drive comes is several gear ratios up to 2.0:1, thus doubling the power output of the engine.

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PCM’s Adjust-A-Flex mounts deliver the quality ride that all watersports customers desire. These mounts are larger, more robust and extremely heavy-duty to ensure a smooth and vibration free ride for the life of the engine.

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When it comes to buyer protection, no other manufacturer in the industry can compare to PCM. We offer the strongest, longest factory warranty available anywhere. PCM’s true factory warranty, is fully transferable from the first owner to the next. Warranty work and services can be provided at any certified PCM Premier Dealer in 900 locations across the country. Every PCM owner is automatically enrolled into the PCM Water Sports Club and has access to a Club Concierge providing a customer service experience like no other in the towsports industry.

ZR4 – Providing incredible power while remaining fuel efficient and super quiet for an amazingly smooth ride.

H5DI – The new standard in marine propulsion the H5DI delivers the performance that watersports enthusiasts desire, while providing them the efficiency they didn’t think was possible.

H6DI – With class leading Horsepower, Torque, and Overall Performance, the H6DI propels you to watersports enjoyment beyond reach of the competition.

XR7 550 – The XR Supercharged engine offers more force to power through the perfect day on the water.

XS7 550 – The ultimate Supercharged engine for the watersports enthusiast who wants extreme performance with aesthetic appeal.