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Nautique Insider

WOW - Another J.D. POWER and Associates Award!!

Feb 12, 2009

It is impressive to receive one J.D. Power and Associates award, but seven straight -now that’s incredible!

For seven straight times J.D. Power and Associates has been independently surveying inboard boat owners all around the USA and for seven straight times towboat owners have selected Nautique as the brand that provides the highest level of customer satisfaction. Maybe one year could be a fluke, but receiving the award year after year when tens of thousands of boat owners have been surveyed over those years is no fluke. Boat owners have consistently spoken and clearly selected Nautique as the brand they can count on for exceptional customer satisfaction.

While I had the honor of once again picking up the award, I am under no illusions as to where the real credit for this accomplishment belongs. The credit goes to the incredible employees and dealers in the Nautique family. We are so blessed to have such incredible people both building and selling Nautique boats; to each of you I want to say thank you – I appreciate all you do!

So, we celebrate for a moment but we will quickly be back to work doing everything we can to make Nautique even better. Seven straight J.D. Power and Associates awards, especially when combined with all the other awards we have received, is quite an accomplishment, but we are not even remotely satisfied. We want to keep getting better and I can say with complete confidence that there is no other boat company in the world that has a culture of continuous improvement like we do at Nautique. The best getting better; that’s what we want!

To those of you who own a Nautique you can know that you made a good decision by choosing the best boat you can buy. To those of you not yet in the Nautique family, visit a Nautique dealer today and learn for yourself why Nautique owners are such passionate lifetime enthusiasts for our boats. We would love to have you join us in the family!

Enjoy the Nautique life!

J.D. Power Press Release