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Nautique Insider

Why Nautique?

Feb 07, 2014

World Record Breaking Ski Nautique 200 - Open Bow

Super Air Nautique G21 at Portland Boat Show

There is excitement in the air. The days are getting longer and spring is just six weeks away. In North America and Europe, Boat Show season is in full swing and many, many new families have made the decision to join the Nautique family!

While we have many new people joining our Nautique family every day, we also know that many more are currently looking at boat alternatives. You may be one of them.

At Nautique we understand how big of a decision a boat purchase is. You are not investing in a boat; you are investing in a great way to have fun and build relationships with people you care about. You are investing in a lifestyle.

So why should you consider joining the Nautique family? What sets us apart? We are not the cheapest alternative so why would you pay a little extra for a Nautique?

Before I share several good reasons to join our family let’s look at what others are saying. I regularly hear from Nautique customers who are thrilled with their boats and the wonderful lifestyle they are enjoying. These comments are validated by independent market research that indicates Nautique has the highest brand loyalty in our industry. It is also validated by the fact that Nautique regularly wins all of our industry’s major awards. Manufacturer of the Year, Innovation of the Year, Boat of the Year, Most Innovative Product, Buzz Brand of the Year and year after year our industry’s Customer Satisfaction Award (based on surveys of actual customers). Customers, industry leaders, peers, competitors and many others have clearly recognized Nautique as the industry’s best boats and company.

Besides the recognition and awards, let’s look at some other reasons to join our family:
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  • The Industry’s Best Product – If there ever was a debate, it is time to conclude it. For wakeboarding the G-Series has no serious competitor. Customers, competitors and anyone else connected with wakeboarding all know what boat is best, just ask them about the G25, G23 or G21 from Nautique. For waterskiing, no boat has dominated our industry like the Ski Nautique 200. Since its introduction there have been 15 (that’s right, 15) world records set behind this boat. Check it out yourself, the world’s best athletes and ski schools either use or want the Ski Nautique 200; no other boat is close. While our competition chase ways to build discount boats, we will continue to build the world’s best boats.
  • Innovation – You don’t gain the reputation Nautique has earned and win the awards we win without being highly innovative. It is why boaters all over the world are switching to Nautique. When it comes to innovation, again, no one is close.
  • Quality – OK, this is an easy one. Before you buy a competitive boat make sure you experience a Nautique and check out the Nautique quality. But be warned, it will make you want a Nautique!
  • Performance – Like quality, once you experience the Nautique performance you will not want anything else. Research and experience tells us that almost 100% of those who actually spend time in a Nautique choose to buy one. Drive a Nautique and draw your own conclusion!
  • Nautique Cares – At Nautique we want to build the world’s best boats and provide the world’s best customer service. We also want to be a successful business.However, frankly, there are things that are even more important to us. We want to use our resources to make the world a better place. The past several years our team has traveled all over the globe serving others and trying to make their lives better. Soon we will be announcing an exciting program that Nautique is kicking off to help some of those in desperate need in Asia. Later this year we will be taking teams of employees to serve in Central America. We will continue to serve in Central Florida. We are not your normal company, truly Nautique Cares.

The world’s best ski boat; the world’s best wake boat; and a company that cares.