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Why Buy a Nautique?

Apr 14, 2011

Sport Nautique 200

Super Air Nauitque 230

It is April and many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are kicking off the 2011 boating season. If you are like me, you are excited for another great summer on the water with friends and family in your Nautique.

If you do not have plans to spend time this summer with your family and friends in or behind a Nautique then it is not too late! Nautique dealers all over the world have been preparing for the start of the boating season and we would love to have you join our family.

We know you have choices so I would like to share, once again, just some of the reasons why we think you should choose Nautique:
Finally, at Nautique we are more than just great boat builders; we want to make our world better. We are involved in community service projects here in Central Florida and take employees on an international service trip each year. Nautique also supports mission organizations globally; these organizations are working to help many of the neediest people in the world. We don’t expect you to buy a Nautique because we are committed to service and helping people; however, when you do buy your Nautique, we hope you will be proud to be in our family!

  • Quality – We know that Nautique boats have the highest quality in the industry and our quality is validated every day by our customers. For 7 years in a row, JD Power conducted an independent survey of what boat owners thought of their boat’s quality and every year they did the survey, the winner was Nautique. That is not us speaking, that is customers who have tested our boats under all kinds of conditions.
  • Great wake – We know that towboat buyers care about what happens behind their boat and that is why we make sure Nautique boats have the industry’s best wake. Our Ski Nautique is the boat that world records are set behind, including three this past year. Our wakeboard boat is used to pull the industry’s most prestigious tournaments.
  • Performance – Independent market research tells us that if people test drive a Nautique, they will buy it. We beat everyone on the water; Nautique boats perform the way you want them to perform. Don’t buy another boat without driving a Nautique!
  • Safety – Every aspect of our boats from bow rise, driver visibility, tracking fins and a host of other things are designed and built to ensure we build the safest boat on the market.
  • Functionality – From our LINC system, to our towers, to our seating and on and on; Nautiques are built for the functionality you want on the water.
  • Innovation – For the last four years Nautique has won innovation awards for our boats; no one else in our industry is close.
  • Those who know choose Nautique – Many of the world’s top watersports athletes choose Nautique. They could own any boat they want but they choose the boat that helps them perform their best. Those who know, choose Nautique.

For even more reasons to buy a Nautique please visit the Nautique dealer closest to you. You can find them at

Enjoy the Nautique life!