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Nautique Insider

Where Quality Rules

Oct 27, 2008

Nautique Quality Management System

Here at Nautique we have a lot of different ways of keeping up with the overall boating market, especially the towboat market. As you would expect, part of this market awareness includes market research to ensure that what we are hearing anecdotally about our company is what the market really believes.

So, you may wonder, what do you learn? I can tell you that our formal and informal market research tells us that when people think of Nautique they think primarily of two things — quality and performance.

While we appreciate people’s positive perceptions of our company we don’t ever want to be satisfied with where we are. We want to be the best getting better; we have made that philosophy an important part of our culture and are supporting it with a great Strategic Plan.

One widely read industry publication recently noticed the improvements we are making at our company. In fact, the publication stated: “Nautique’s Strategic Plan has the company on an aggressive improvement path the likes of which the marine industry has never seen.” Again, the best getting better, that’s our goal.

Philosophically, we believe it is as critically important to continue improving in all areas, even those in which we are very strong. So, with that in mind, we have implemented a new world-class, state of the art, quality program at Nautique.

We have upgraded our quality team by bringing in the industry’s best quality leadership. We have implemented new quality programs and procedures. We have significantly stepped up our quality training and continued to build on an already high quality culture.

Additionally, we have implemented a new state-of-the-art quality management system that is second to none. We first viewed this new system at the beginning of this year when I travelled with our quality and operations managers to a high performance luxury automotive manufacturer — specifically to see their quality system. We were very impressed with what we saw and immediately purchased the system they were using. After several months this new system is fully implemented and is having a big positive impact.

We are already considered to have the highest quality product in our industry but as I stated we are not satisfied. We want to be even better and take boat quality to a level never before seen in our industry. As a Nautique customer we want you to know that you are purchasing the best boat you can possibly buy.

The best getting better…

Enjoy the Nautique life.