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Welcome to the Family PCM and Crusader!

Oct 20, 2014

Chuck Thurman, Bill Yeargin, and Paul Fletcher

PCM and Crusader Factory in Little Mountain, South Carolina

Today we announced that Correct Craft (Nautique’s parent company) has acquired the companies that build both PCM engines and Crusader engines. This is exciting news!

I am excited to share some thoughts on these acquisitions but first let’s clarify who the players are:
So, now that we have the players straight, let’s go back to the acquisitions…

  • Correct Craft – A 90 year old company with incredible heritage. Correct Craft owns Nautique Boat Company, PCM Engines, Crusader Engines, and Aktion Parks. I am HONORED to be theCEO of Correct Craft.
  • Nautique – You are on the Nautique web page so you probably know this but just in case… Nautique is the builder of the world’s best boats. Over the past couple years Nautique has been recognized by the industry as Manufacturer of the Year, Boat of the Year, Most Innovative Product, Innovation of the Year and much, much more.
  • PCM – Builder of the world’s best marine engines. PCM has an impeccable reputation for quality, innovation and service.
  • Crusader – Builder of outstanding engines that have been used by many companies in the marine industry. This year Crusader introduced an innovative new line of inboard towsport engines, the “Challenger” series.
  • Aktion Parks – Owner of two of the world’s best cable parks, Orlando Watersports Complex and Miami Watersports Complex.

Paul Fletcher (the founder and previous owner of PCM and Crusader) and Chuck Thurman (PCM and Crusader’s President), along with a lot of amazing people in Little Mountain, South Carolina, have done an outstanding job building great engines and brands in PCM and Crusader. Nautique has been PCM’s largest customer for nearly 40 years so we have seen firsthand what a great job they have done. And, over the years we have spoken on and off about PCM and Crusader becoming part of the Correct Craft family.

Recently I was meeting with Paul and Chuck and we all felt like the time was right. We decided to move ahead and that led to the acquisition and today’s announcement.

As a point of clarity, Nautique did NOT acquire PCM and Crusader, Correct Craft did. Nautique, Crusader, and PCM are sister companies (along with Aktion Parks) and will continue to operate together much as they have for the past 40 years.

The PCM and Crusader teams have done an amazing job and I am looking forward to working with Chuck, Mark and the entire group to grow the company and make it even bigger and better. I know I can learn a lot from them and we can do great things together. We have exciting plans and the future of both PCM and Crusader is VERY bright!

We encourage you to learn more about these companies. You can visit the Crusader website at and the PCM website

Our Nautique team welcomes both PCM and Crusader to the family! You will love it here!

The world’s best ski boat; the world’s best wake boat; and a company that cares!