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Nautique Insider

Welcome to the Family Centurion and Supreme!

Jun 11, 2015

Bill with the Centurion and Supreme team - Clark Bird, Rick Lee and Erin McIlhatton

Today our family grew once again and once again we are excited. Nautique’s parent company, Correct Craft, announced that they have acquired a majority interest in both Centurion Boats and Supreme Boats. We welcome them to the family!

Both Centurion and Supreme have long and proud histories in the boating industry. Centurion continues that today as the official towboat of the World Wake Surfing Championships. Both brands are built by a talented team in Merced, California, and have a respected leadership team. We believe they will fit in well with our family and look forward to working with them.

As CEO of Nautique’s parent company, Correct Craft, it has been fun to see not only the global growth of Nautique these past several years but also see other companies join our family. Correct Craft has been growing like crazy so, to help you keep it all straight, below is a summary of our family:
While Nautique’s parent company is growing and Nautique gains some sister companies that does not change one ounce the
Nautique commitment to quality, performance and service. Our Nautique team is also growing and more committed than ever to ensuring Nautique provides the boats that ensure our customers (along with their friends and families) have the best possible experience on the water. Nautique will continue to do that.

  • Correct Craft is the parent company of all of these entities and I am honored to serve as the Correct Craft President and CEO
  • Nautique Boats is the biggest of the Correct Craft companies and is the builder of premier watersports boats. Over the past couple of years Nautique boats have been recognized as Wakeboard Boat of the Year, Wakesurf Boat of the Year, Most Innovative Product, and Innovation of the Year. The Ski Nautique 200 has more than triple the world records of all its competitors combined!
  • Centurion Boats is a high quality and high tech towboat with an excellent reputation in our industry. Centurion has a rich history and is currently the official towboat of the World Wake Surf Championships.
  • Supreme Boats also has a long and proud history and is the industry leader in value-oriented towboats.
  • Bass Cat builds the world’s best bass boats and is the quality, performance and service leader in the bass boat industry.
  • Yar-Craft builds the world’s best walleye fishing boats and is the quality, performance and service leader in the walleye boat industry.
  • PCM Marine Engines builds the world’s best marine engines and provides engines for both the Nautique and Centurion brands. PCM has recently introduced their newest generation of engines, which sets them apart from their competitors in a BIG way.
  • Crusader Engines builds both cruiser and towboat engines. Crusader has a rich history of providing both high quality and excellent value engines to the boating industry and provides the engines for our Supreme brand.
  • Levitator Engines are the world’s best airboat engines.
  • Aktion Parks is the company we are using to grow in the cable wakeboarding market. It currently owns two world-class boat and cable parks; Orlando Watersports Complex and Miami Watersports Complex.
  • Orlando Watersport Complex (OWC) in the world’s most well-known and popular boat and cable park.
  • Miami Watersports Complex (MWC) is our most recent boat and cable park, located in South Florida. Only open a short time MWCis already earning a reputation as one of the world’s top boat and cable parks.

The world’s best ski boat; the world’s best wake boat; and a company that cares!