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Nautique Insider

Wakesurfing Fun

Mar 23, 2011

Bill's daughter Amanda wakesurfing behind the Yeargin’s 210

Wakesurfing behind the Sport Nautique 200

Recently, I had someone say to me, “At the end of the day, everyone becomes a wakesurfer.” You can read many different things into that statement but the one thing you cannot deny is that wakesurfing is a lot of fun.

For those of you not familiar with wakesurfing it is just what the name implies, surfing behind the boat. You start off in the water with a rope and your wake surf board of choice, using the rope to pull yourself up on the board. Once you are up and can get a feel for the wake, you can then release the rope back into the boat – now you are surfing! You can surf as long as you can keep your balance – it is great fun. The first time you see someone wakesurf you will think it is really cool, but the first time you actually surf you will think it is amazing.

I love wakesurfing behind my Super Air Nautique 210 which is ideally suited for the sport. The 210 can produce a great wake that will allow you to surf as long as you desire equaling an awesome day on the lake. Don’t forget about the rest of our Super Air and Sport Nautique series of boats which are also well-equipped for wakesurfing fun.

Also, an added benefit is that our catalyst engine significantly reduces emissions and, of course all of our boats are inboards (the benefit of wakesurfing behind an inboard should be pretty obvious!).

This past weekend I was out wakesurfing with my wife Leigh and my daughter Amanda, and we had a blast. It is a very enjoyable activity and it is a great way to spend time with your friends and family.

If you have never enjoyed the thrill of wakesurfing then I encourage you to contact your local Nautique dealer and schedule a demo. I guarantee you will love it!

Enjoy the Nautique life!