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Nautique Insider


Apr 27, 2010

Bill with some of the WakeGirls at the Nautique factory

WakeGirls riding on the Nautique test lake

WOW – that is the only way I know how to describe the event we hosted at the Nautique factory this past Saturday. Creating a one of a kind event, Nautique teamed up with Wake Girls to give girls who wanted the opportunity to learn about wakeboarding plus a chance to not only learn from the pros but also ride behind one of our Super Air Nautiques.

People in our industry talk all the time about attracting women and girls into watersports but Nautique doesn’t just talk about it, we take action. This past weekend was a great demonstration of that action as many girls from all over the world, literally, came to our factory to learn from the best. Included in the program was time with the incredible Wake Coach, Lauren Harf Loveless, who is outstanding when it comes to teaching girls wakesports and who has personally coached both of my daughters.

WakeGirls had equipment to demo, exercises to learn, lessons on shore, private consultation with pros and of course time in the Super Air Nautique. Additionally they had lunch and dinner with the pros to give the girls even more exposure to some of the legends of our industry.

At the event I spoke to girls who had travelled from Michigan, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and one dad who got off work Friday afternoon in North Carolina and drove all night so his daughter could participate in this incredible event. One girl I spoke with was in Orlando from Sweden and another from Japan, to wakeboard and was thrilled to learn that this event was taking place while they were in town.

One of the girls had never been behind a boat before this event. The excitement among these girls was off the charts as they were learning to enjoy wakeboarding behind the world’s best boat, a Nautique.

Whether you are a man or woman, boy or girl, young or old, enjoying a Nautique on the lake can be an incredible amount of fun. I know our family sure enjoys it. If you are not yet part of the Nautique family we hope you will contact the dealer near you and begin a lifestyle that is second to none.

Enjoy the Nautique life!