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Nautique Insider

The Next Big Thing!

Oct 16, 2007

As a CEO I know that success comes from (please tolerate my baseball analogy) hitting a lot of singles, some doubles and triples, a few home runs and the occasional grand slam. Based on comments from everyone who has seen them, it looks like our Nautiques for 08 are a grand slam.

I have had heard dealer reports of people seeing our new graphics and towers and buying boats on the spot. Naturally I love to hear those stories. At the recent Surf Expo (an event where manufacturers show off their new product) our booth was packed all weekend with people admiring the 08 Nautiques (our reps couldn’t even get away for a break!)

One of the many changes that are making the 08 Nautiques the buzz of the industry is our new GPS based speed control system, Zero Off. Nautique athlete and quintessential slalom skier, Andy Mapple, tested this new GPS-based speed control system for a long time and gave us glowing reports so we knew it was going to be a winner; but I am not sure we really knew how big.

Andy’s stories about how great the system is were confirmed by Nautique athlete Chris Parrish so we knew it was great for skiing but what really got us excited was when the Nautique wakeboard athletes started reporting back on their tests with the system – then we realized it was great for both skiing and riding.

The professional wakeboarders were equally (maybe more) excited than the skiers. In fact we put the system on Shaun Murray’s Nautique and when we had to take it off for a short time he wasn’t happy – he wanted it back! Shaun and other Nautique riders reported that the new GPS system was incredibly easy to use and held speed with unbelievable accuracy, even in turns and double-ups!

In fact, want to hear from Shaun or Andy directly on Zero Off? Click on this link

After the athlete reports we were pretty sure we had something that could revolutionize our industry but the final test was with regular athletes, people just like you and me. So, we decided to put the system on one of our sales reps boats (some of you know Skip) and let him take it out for people to try. Skip reported back that some of the people who used the system wanted to buy the boat with Zero Off right on the spot. We knew then that we were done testing and needed to go to market with this exciting product.

If you have not seen this incredible new system the only new boats it is available on are the 08 Nautiques. Even if you are not in the market for a new boat I would encourage you to stop in your local Nautique dealer and check it out (don’t bother visiting other boat dealers, as I mentioned it is exclusively available on Nautiques.) Ask the dealer for a demo – I’ll bet you too will be one of the many people excited about this new Nautique offering!