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Nautique Insider

The Nautique Family

Oct 04, 2007

Throughout the Correct Craft organization we often find ourselves talking about the Nautique family. Many times it is a general reference to our customers or sometimes it is more specific such as welcoming a new customer to the Nautique family.

I cannot think of many words that are much more powerful than family. Many times the people we love (or struggle with) the most are in our family. Sometimes we may not get along with someone in our family but when push comes to shove we are willing to fight for them. Family stirs passion.

From a business perspective most people know that the Meloon family founded Correct Craft 83 years ago. Today we are happy to have a fifth generation Meloon (some of you know Dusty) working with us here in Orlando. Through the decades the Meloons have been known for being innovative, hard working and generous. They have also been known for looking after those in the Nautique family.

On a personal basis, there is nothing on earth more important to me than my family. I want my wife and daughters to know they can count on me – I don’t want to let them down.

So when I think of the Nautique Family a couple of things come to mind:
Do you and your family enjoy using your Nautique? If so send us a picture of your family using your Nautique. You can send it We will post some of the pictures on our website and may even pick a few to use in an upcoming national ad so don’t send them unless you want the world to know that you too love spending time with your family’s Nautique!

First, all of us at Correct Craft want everyone who owns a Nautique to enjoy being part of the Nautique family. We want to look out for you and want you to know you can count on us. We want to enjoy spending time together and that’s one of the reason we sponsor events, reunions, tournaments, etc. We also want you to know we care about you. Secondly, I cannot help but think of how spending time on our family’s Nautique helps bring my family closer together. This summer we have put over a 160 hours on our 211 and every moment has been incredible. I believe an important part of building a strong family is to spend time together doing something you enjoy and I can think of no better way to do that than on a Nautique. I know this is going to sound biased (and maybe a little corny) but I’ll bet if more people spent time with their families boating we would have less of a family crisis in our country today.

To those of you in the Nautique family – we appreciate you. To those of you who are not yet a Nautique owner – we have room in the family for you!