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The Industry’s Best Dealers!

Oct 23, 2007

Once a year those of us at Correct Craft World Headquarters in Orlando have the opportunity to host, as our guests, the boating industry’s best dealers – those who sell Nautiques. Next week we will again be hosting this group and it is certain to be a great event. I look forward to having the dealers here in Florida and will enjoy the opportunity to spend time with them.

During my first year on the Correct Craft team I visited with Nautique dealers in all parts of the USA, Canada and Europe. What a pleasure it was for me to get to know many of these people, some of whom have been Nautique dealers for decades. I quickly realized that much of our success as a company is related to being blessed with such awesome people representing our boats.

I also realized how passionate Nautique dealers are about our boats. They love selling the world’s best tow boats and, frankly, don’t hesitate to tell those of us here in Orlando when they have a suggestion that could make our company better. And that’s ok – they definitely make us better.

Besides making Correct Craft look good our dealers are also instrumental in helping us achieve much of the recognition we have enjoyed. We know that the slew of customer service awards Correct Craft has won over the years is largely attributed to the extra effort our dealers exert to make sure every customer is satisfied. Sure, we build a great boat that is second to none but it is the dealers who are going the extra mile to make the Nautique customers’ purchasing and servicing experiences spectacular.

The first dealer I visited after coming to Correct Craft late last year was our Seattle dealer, Pacific Nautiques. Doug, Rob, Ron and their team at Pacific Nautiques live, eat and breathe Nautiques. They will travel up to three hours to pick up their customers’ boats for service at no charge and they do it with a smile; even for minor maintenance. If you live in the Seattle area and want a dealer who will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy – stop in Pacific Nautiques.

Another dealer I visited was Pride of Muskoka, the Nautique dealer just north of Toronto in Canada. Now when I say north of Toronto that means they have several months with hard water, very hard. However, Paul and his team at Pride are consistently one of our top dealers based on their awesome customer service. The purchase of a Nautique from Pride is not the end of a transaction; it is the start of a relationship. They go above and beyond to make sure their customers enjoy the beautiful Canadian summer.

Silver Spray Sports is a Nautique dealer in Michigan with a great reputation for customer service. This past summer they had a customer who needed a part for their boat while vacationing on a remote island in Lake Michigan. The tech from Silver Spray tracked down a cargo plane heading to the island, drove three hours to the airport from which the plane was taking off, managed to hitch a ride on the cargo plane and hand delivered the part to the customer!

These are just a few examples – there are literally dozens more dealers just like them.

What great experience have you had with a Nautique dealer? We would love to hear your story – you can drop us a note about your Nautique dealer at

As a Nautique owner you can be certain that not only do you have the world’s best boat company with the industry’s best warranty behind you, you also have the world’s best dealers. Want to find the Nautique dealer closest to you? Click the dealer locator above and get ready for some great service.

Enjoy the Nautique life!