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Nautique Insider

The Green Team

Aug 26, 2008

The Green Team

Members of the Green Team in Action

All of us on the Nautique team want to do everything we can to help our planet by being eco-friendly. That was one of the many reasons we were so thrilled this past year to offer PCM’s new Catanium engine which significantly reduces emissions.

Our environmental sensitivity even carried over into the plans for our two year old factory, but it does not stop there. Within Nautique Operations we do everything we can to follow the appropriate environmental rules. We also work to not only comply with the letter, but with the spirit of the rules as well. In fact, this desire to do right environmentally is reflected in the positive comments we receive during our regular inspections by environmental agencies.

While all of us at Nautique care about being “green”, there is one group of employees who have come together to take it to a new level. They call themselves “The Green Team.”

The Green Team consists of a dozen employees who volunteer their time above their normal responsibilities and look for opportunities for the entire Nautique team to operate in an even more environmentally-friendly manner. One of their initiatives has focused on placing recycling bins in prominent places where employees can easily use them to make it easier to recycle waste in the plant. They are also researching ways to recycle items that most people would not even know were recyclable. Other initiatives are designed to help make all of us at Nautique more aware of what we can do to be more conscious of our impact on the world around us.

I am incredibly proud of The Green Team – they have taken the initiative to lead the way at our company and provide us with a great opportunity to be more sensitive to our environment.

The Green Team is incredibly typical of the types of employees we have on the Nautique team. Like those Nautique employees who traveled to Nicaragua and Mexico this summer to help those who are less fortunate, they are trying hard to make the world a better place.

I am thankful to be on a team with such incredible people.

Enjoy the Nautique life!