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Team Nautique – Great Athletes – Great Party!

Apr 29, 2008

Team Nautique gathering after a great weekend at the 2008 Air Nautique Wake Games

With the Wake Games here in Orlando this past weekend (congratulations to Team Nautique athletes Shaun Murray and Jimmy Lariche – Jimmy won the Junior Men’s wakeboarding title and Shaun’s team took the team competition, again!) we decided it would be a great time to get all of our athletes together for a party. So, yesterday I had the opportunity to host our entire Team Nautique at my house for an awesome afternoon of fun and, what a great time we had!

Team Nautique consists of the best wakeboarders, wakeskaters and skiers in the world. Between all of the Nautique athletes, they have broken innumerable world records, won over 20 world championships and claimed victory more than 50 times at various Masters events. (To see a list of all the Team Nautique athletes click on the “Team” link above.)

To be this successful top athletes know that they need every edge they can get. So, all of us at Correct Craft are very proud that the boat each of these incredible athletes choose to train and have fun behind is a Nautique.

Team Nautique athletes are not only incredibly talented but they are also a ton of fun. So, as you can imagine, getting them all together for a few hours at my house is an experience to remember.

We started the afternoon with a BBQ lunch and we were, of course, out on the lake having fun in and behind our Nautique boats. We also found time to do some jet-skiing, play bocce ball, football and soccer, swim in the pool, sit in the Jacuzzi, fly Jeff McKee’s kite and just hang out. Finally, we used this party as an opportunity to celebrate both Shaun Murray’s and J.D. Webb’s birthdays.

The team really enjoyed being together and, as you might expect, we took video footage of this fun afternoon. Within the next week we will have the video ready for your enjoyment. I will post it here on the Nautique Insider first in another blog entry. Soon thereafter we will get it out other places on the internet as well. I think you will enjoy it so keep an eye out for this upcoming posting. Or, if you have not already done so, sign up for the Nautique Insider below and we will put you on a list to be notified when the Team Nautique video and other Nautique Insider blogs are posted.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to enjoy a Nautique. Sure, you can use your Nautique to give you an edge when training for a major championship. Luckily for the rest of us though, they are just as much fun if you are simply spending an enjoyable afternoon on the lake with friends or family.

Start watching for the Team Nautique party video; it should be out within the next week.

Enjoy the Nautique life!