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Nautique Insider

Sport Nautique 200

Oct 20, 2010

K.C. Wilson slaloming behind the Sport Nautique 200

When you have a heritage like Nautique it is sometimes hard to impress the market. We are held to a very high standard because of our past product and innovations and we understand that. In fact, our legendary history and the high standard to which we are held motivates us to continue our legacy of being the best our industry has to offer; the best getting better.

It is a great feeling to work hard on new product and know even before it is released that the boat is going to be a home run. It is an even better feeling to have evidence that the boat is going to be a total grand slam, as last year’s Ski Nautique 200 has been. When we introduced the new Ski Nautique 200 we knew it was an awesome boat and the market place has verified that. We have seen numerous records set behind the Ski Nautique 200 including the World Slalom Record and a pending World Trick Record, it is an incredible boat and people are raving about it.

Well, we have that feeling again; another Grand Slam is on the way!

Recently we introduced the new Sport Nautique 200, which is a v-drive boat, and the comments have been incredible. Everyone from occasional recreational athletes to the pros have been raving about our latest innovation. It does it all!

Everyone in our industry would like to do what Nautique has now done. We have developed a boat that is an outstanding ski boat, and is also great for wakeboarding, wakeskating (my favorite), and wakesurfing (my second favorite).

Recently the ski aspect of the Sport Nautique 200 was validated by receiving the highest rating possible for a ski boat, the coveted “record rating”. Now many people would agree Nautique has not only the best ski boat in the market (Ski Nautique 200) but also the second best ski boat, the Sport Nautique 200.

This new record rating is incredible but getting the rating while the boat is also a great boat for wakeskating, wakesurfing and wakeboarding is what makes it a Nautique.

If family time is important to you, along with having the flexibility to do whatever watersport you want to do at a high level, stop by your nearest Nautique dealer and check out this boat. Your friends are going to want one so why not be first on your lake to show this new boat off?

Enjoy the Nautique life!