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Ski Nautique 200 - Still Pulling Away

Feb 25, 2014

Ski Nautique 200 - Open Bow

Ski Nautique 200 - Closed Bow

Over fifty years ago Ski Nautique started the modern era of water-skiing with a great new center engine boat that was a total game changer. Though others have tried to match the Ski Nautique, today, decades later, the Ski Nautique is still considered the best ski boat on the market.

When we introduced the Ski Nautique 200 a few years ago it quickly became the top ski boat on the market. It also set our competitors on a path of trying to equal this incredible skiing machine. Overall, we applaud their effort and they have gotten closer but ask any serious skier and they will tell you the world’s best ski boat is still the one and only Ski Nautique.

Not a week goes by that I do not hear from someone around the world raving about how much they love the Ski Nautique. Many personal bests have been set behind this boat and I love hearing people share their stories about how much their skiing has progressed behind the Ski Nautique.

Not only have innumerable personal bests been pulled behind this boat but quite a few world records. In fact, never has a boat been introduced that had such an impact on the record book. World records don’t happen very often but the Ski Nautique 200 has made it seem like they are a regular occurrence. Of course it takes amazing athletes to achieve these records and they deserve most of the credit but it sure helps to provide them amazing equipment to use.

We have prepared a video that captures the thoughts of some of the amazing athletes who achieved new records behind the Ski Nautique 200. If you would like to hear directly from them you can check it out here.

The nice part is that you can have the same equipment as these world class athletes. To learn how contact your local Nautique dealer here.

The world’s best ski boat; the world’s best wake boat; and, a company that cares!