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Nautique Insider

Saving Lives – the Easy Way

Oct 08, 2008

My family uses our boat (210 TE) a lot and we also live on a lake in Central Florida, so I often have the opportunity to see people enjoying time on the water. I love seeing people have fun; I too like to have fun on the lake with my family and friends.

However, there is one thing that I sometimes see on the lake that I just cannot understand. Occasionally I will see someone on a personal watercraft, or even skiing or wakeboarding, without a life jacket. Frankly, it boggles my mind how someone could be so careless with their own life.

Every year in Florida it seems like we hear of a few people losing their lives who did not have to die. The only reason they are not around today to read this Blog is that they were not wearing a life jacket.

Statistics tell us that life jackets save lives. Larry Meddock, President of the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) tells me that 80-90% of boating deaths could have been avoided if the person who died had been wearing a life jacket. That is a lot of needless deaths.

I can tell you that nobody gets towed behind my boat without a life jacket and if you own a boat I hope you will set the same rule for your boat.

If you like to get behind the boat without a life jacket remember this: the people who drowned because they were not wearing life jackets didn’t think anything bad would happen to them either. You may think you are exempt from disaster but you are mistaken.

All of us on the Nautique team want you to stay alive. Don’t throw away your life; wear a life jacket.

Enjoy the Nautique life, with a life jacket!