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Nautique Insider

Ralph Meloon – Boat Show Star

Mar 08, 2010

With Ralph Meloon, Jeff Husby and Mike Yauch at the Central Florida Boat Show

Ralph Meloon with Erik and Nyah at the Boston Boat Show

There are few companies who have been around for 85 years and have an employee who has been involved with the company since day one. At Nautique we are fortunate to have someone who has been with us from the beginning and, more importantly, continues to contribute daily; Ralph Meloon, son of our founder who is 92 years old.

Ralph comes to the office every day and is a huge encouragement to everyone. He often reminds us of what is important and everyone in the company loves working with Ralph. He comes into my office on a regular basis to say he and his wife Betty are praying for me and love me.

Recently, Ralph worked the Nautique booth at two boat shows; one in Boston and the other here in our hometown, Orlando. I was at the Central Florida Boat Show with Ralph and he was amazing. People at these boat shows loved meeting Ralph and he enjoyed not only sharing stories about the wonderful Nautique brand and the Correct Craft history but also showing them the new Nautique product.

It is incredibly interesting to spend time with Ralph and listen to his stories about the amazing Correct Craft history. Whether it was helping out in the war, hearing how Nautique boats expanded to various countries around the world, or hearing stories about the company’s extraordinary history of innovation, Ralph was at the center of all the action and his stories are fascinating. That’s why it is not unusual for people to travel from all over the world to come by our plant and visit with him.

Ralph has played a critical role in the success of our company and we are happy that many of the Meloon’s still work with us. Among Ralph’s family working with us today is his son Ken Meloon, who is our Board Chairman and his grandson Greg Meloon, who is our VP of Product Development.

So as the Nautique brand moves forward at a fast pace, it’s also nice to have someone who is so grounded in our company’s proud past. We love you Ralph!

Enjoy the Nautique life!