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Nautique Insider

Ralph Meloon - 95!!

Nov 06, 2012

Bill Yeargin with Ralph Meloon Sr.

There are few people who have a real dramatic impact on the lives of everyone around them. Ralph Meloon is one of those people. Ralph turns 95 this weekend and what a life he has lived!

Ralph was at Correct Craft from the company’s very beginning 87 years ago and still shows up for work every day. He sometimes jokes when leaving early that you do not have to stay all day when you have 80+ years seniority.

Ralph has not been an owner of Correct Craft for many years but we are honored that he still chooses to spend his time with us. He is seen walking around the plant every day encouraging our employees and just making the place better.

Ralph pops in my office often and regularly asks me two questions. First he asks me if he is in any way getting in my way and for six years now I have consistently replied that he makes all of us much better and we would be disappointed if he did not come in to the plant. Secondly, though they do not own the company anymore, there are many Meloons still at Correct Craft and Ralph regularly asks me how they are doing. They all do a great job and I tell him that but I wonder what would happen if I said one of them wasn’t working hard – I suspect Ralph would be pretty quick to straighten them out!

I have traveled all over the world the last six years representing Nautique and no matter where I go there is always someone who asks me about Ralph Meloon. Ralph himself has traveled to nearly 90 countries representing our company so there is always someone who I am visiting who remembers when Ralph was there. They usually have a funny Ralph story to tell me or give me something to bring back to him.

Additionally, people from all over the world travel to our Orlando offices to visit Ralph. It is amazing to see people from all over thrilled to meet Ralph and share a few minutes with him. And he is equally thrilled to spend time with them.

This coming weekend we will have 144 Nautique dealers at our factory for their annual sales training. And guess who will be there? Yep, Ralph will be talking to every one of them, remembering their names and making them feel like the VIP’s they are.

Happy birthday Ralph – I am honored to know you and call you my friend!

The world’s best ski boat; the world’s best wake boat; and a company that cares!

Enjoy the Nautique life!