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Nautique Insider

Positive Comments on the New Boat

Jun 23, 2009

Some of the Product Development team cruising around the lake

Chris Parrish getting ready to ski the new Ski Nautique 200

As you have probably read, last week Nautique revolutionized the water ski industry yet again with the introduction of our new Ski Nautique 200. The comments about this boat have been incredibly positive and we have had customers ordering the boat without even seeing it. There is no question that the next legend in our industry has been born.

I know you would expect me to say good things about this boat and I am sure that I will have plenty of opportunity to do that. In the meantime, I thought you might like to hear from others who are respected in our industry. So, this blog entry will be devoted to hearing what others in our industry say about the new Ski Nautique 200.

- “Nautique has developed a ski boat like no other in the industry. I would recommend this boat to anyone, at any age or skill level.”
Andy Mapple, Multi-year Water Ski World Champion

- “The thing I like most about this boat is the wake – it is practically non-existent. The Ski Nautique 200 will take slalom skiing to the next level.”
Chris Parrish, Current Slalom World Record Holder

- “The view from the driver’s seat is great — it doesn’t matter how short or tall you are. The tracking is impeccable. It couldn’t be better.”
Jack Travers, World Renowned Ski Coach

- “The wake is so easy, soft and as smooth as can be. It’s incredible! I’m ready to get my own. Where’s the next one?”
Becky Lathrop, Professional Tournament Driver

- “Since the boat rides so flat and there’s no spray, it’s easier for me to see the course and predict what I need to do next. It’s an incredible improvement for skiing that only Nautique could execute.”
Scot Ellis, The Rocket Man

- “When I’m tricking, I can’t believe how flat the table is. Nautique has definitely set a new benchmark with this one!”
Rhoni Barton Bischoff, US Team Member

- “Nautique builds the greatest ski boat and they are improving that reputation with the new Ski Nautique 200.”
Les Todd, Professional Tournament Driver

- “Trying to make the best even better is hard work, but Nautique has done it again!
Jaret Llewellyn, IWSF Male Athlete of the Year

- “For the first time, I haven’t had the ski move while I crossed the wake. No other ski boat has ever felt like this. This incredible improvement is going to be appreciated by every single skier.”
Clementine Lucine, IWSF Female Athlete of the Year

- “The new Ski Nautique 200 is forward-thinking, spacious and comfortable. The wake is so smooth for slalom skiing and perfect for tricking.”
Whitney McClintock, 50th Masters Water Ski Trick Champion

- “Nautique has definitely set the bar out of reach of the competition with the Ski Nautique 200.”
Jim Powers, National Tournament Driver

- “The new Ski Nautique 200 clearly demonstrates a commitment to addressing the needs of skiers today while keeping a clear vision for the future.”
Bill Porter, Performance Ski & Surf

– “WOW was first thing that came to mind when I saw the new Ski Nautique 200. Nautique hit a grand slam with this new boat!”
Dave Macchi, National Tournament Driver

You can be part of the revolution – call your Nautique dealer today to order you new Ski Nautique 200.

The world just got better – Enjoy the Nautique life!