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Nautique Wake Games - Historic!

Apr 16, 2012

The Super Air Nautique G23 towing Nautique Wake Games.

Oli Derome and Harley Clifford win Expression Session!

Everyone who has spent any time in or behind the revolutionary new Super Air Nautique G23 knew it would soon play a significant role in re-writing wakeboarding history. No one put it better than wakeboarding legend Shaun Murray who said that from the G23 forward wakeboarding would never be the same.

So, expectations were high but the G23 did not disappoint at this past week’s Nautique Wake Games. History was made, and in a big way.

Never before the G23 had a wake-to-wake 1080 been landed in competition, behind any boat or brand. Not even once in the history of wakeboarding. But, the G23 has been described as a game changer and change the game it did. Not only once; but twice.

That’s right; what was never done before in innumerable wakeboard competitions all over the world was done twice behind Nautique’s revolutionary new G23 in its first competition. The first wake-to-wake 1080 was landed by Harley Clifford and the second by Oli Derome. Both of these phenomenal athletes did an incredible job and we are thrilled that the G23 allowed them to showcase their amazing talent!

Besides making history the G23 also made a lot of people very happy. The competitors, from young children at their first event to the pros, raved about the great wake of the G23 at all kinds of different speeds and rope lengths.

Most wakeboarders will never land a wake-to-wake 1080 but the wake is there if you want to try. For the rest of us, it is great to know the G23 has a clean wake for us at all speeds and rope lengths with or without ballast.

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