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Nautique Insider


Apr 16, 2009

Matt "Footin" McGinnis - Nautique Director of Operations

Sean "Ripper" Marrero - Nautique CFO

I am surrounded by an incredible team of people working at Nautique – actually, I am hoping that they don’t wake up one day and realize they could all do their jobs without me! The Nautique team is the best in the industry, hands down, and they are incredibly committed to our company and customers.

The last couple of weeks I have had some of these team members out to my house after work to spend time with me on the lake, having fun in my Nautique. I know what you are thinking, “tough job,” but actually the passion our team has for enjoying the Nautique life is part of what makes our boats great. By living the Nautique life ourselves, we better understand and appreciate what our customers want in their own Nautique boats.

Now, I won’t say that we are all that good behind the boat. We have the Nautique professional athletes (see Team Nautique athletes), but many of us going out are just average wakeboarders, skiers, wake skaters, and wake surfers having fun. Of course our Director of Operations, Matt McGinnis, sure seems pretty good when he is bare footing, which is the one thing I have yet to do behind a Nautique.

Our team really is passionate about the Nautique life and providing you with the best possible product.

Let me share with you a real story that happened recently in a meeting at our Orlando World Headquarters. Our team was reviewing some ad concepts and I brought some non-marketing people into the meeting to help provide us with a broader perspective. During the meeting one of our non-marketing employees actually said “You know, you can sleep in your Nautique, but you can’t ski behind your house!” Is that passion, or what?

Those of us on the Nautique team love being on the water and understand how important that time is with friends and family. So, we understand your passion and you can rest assured that we are also passionate about providing you with the best possible boat you can buy.

Enjoy the Nautique life!