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Nautique Insider

Nautique Surf System - 3 Weeks Later

Jan 24, 2013

Bill getting in some January wakesurfing behind a Nautique

Tommy Czeschin surfing with the NSS System

Three weeks ago today Nautique introduced the patent pending Nautique Surf System (NSS) and it is already having a huge impact on our industry. Last year Nautique was voted as having the industry’s “Most Innovative Product” and the NSS once again proves why. It is amazing!

First, a little history. For as long as I can remember boat manufacturers have been putting devices on the transom of boats to modify the wake and ride. Since 2004, Nautique has led the industry in this area with our patented Hydro-Gate which is an innovative technology that complements our unique hull designs to deliver superior results in wake shaping water ski, wakeboard, wakeskate and wakesurf wakes. We stepped it up again last year with our wake shaping Hydro-Plate which helps create the amazing wake on our G23 and G25.

This year, building on the Hydro-Gate technology, Nautique has clearly taken wake modification to the next level with the NSS. Once again our team has demonstrated why Nautique is considered the most innovative company in our industry.

But not only does our industry love the NSS; more importantly, wakesurfers do. We introduced the NSS at the beginning of the boat show season and people have been flocking to our Nautique booths around the world to see it. The comments have been incredibly positive. Customers tell us they love the NSS for lots of reasons; some of the most common are:
The term “game-changer” has become synonymous with Nautique and theNSS validates that perception. If you have not been wakesurfing, you have to try it. It is a blast! If you are already a wakesurfer, Nautique is taking your sport to a whole new level!

  • Customers love the fact that the NSS provides a perfectly clean surf wave on either side of the boat with the simple push of a button.
  • Customers love the fact that they can change from side to side almost instantaneously. Faster than anything else on the market.
  • Customers love the fact that it is adjustable. Each person can design the perfect surf wake for them.
  • Customers love the long surf wake the NSS creates.
  • Customers love the fact that the design is sturdy and integrated into the boat design for a classy look.
  • Customers love the fact that they can still have a full-size swim platform with the NSS.
  • Customers love the fact that they know they are buying Nautique quality; the best in the industry.

The industry and wake surfers all over have been raving about the NSS. If you want to learn more about the NSS yourself, and see some videos of it working, check out our NSS web page at

The world’s best ski boat; the world’s best wake boat; and a company that cares.

Enjoy the Nautique life!