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Nautique Surf System

Jan 03, 2013

Tommy Czeschin carving the Nautique Surf System wave

The Nautique Surf System on the Super Air Nautique G25

Last year, the watersports industry recognized Nautique for developing the industry’s most innovative product. This award is a pretty good sign that we have a great and creative team. It also builds expectations for further innovation.

Today our team introduced the new Nautique Surf System (NSS) withWAVEPLATE technology, which is available on all of our 2013 Super Air Nautique models. It is a completely new and innovative way of shaping the wave that will make any wakesurfer’s experience more fun and exciting. Prepare to change your expectations of the wave created behind a boat.

The Nautique Surf System will revolutionize wakesurfing. Here are a few of the reasons why you will soon agree:
Recently we had Tommy Czeschin, Olympic snowboarder and one the world’s best wakesurfers, stop by our facility to try out the Nautique Surf System. Tommy too was amazed and after surfing with the Nautique Surf System and stated, “This is beyond words! I can’t believe how functional and progressive this system is. Nautique has created what wakesurfing will be in the future and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

  • This unique system allows you to effortlessly switch the wave from side to side with the press of a button, while you are riding or between sets.
  • It’s adjustable, with WAVEPLATE technology our NSS allows the surfer to modify the wave to suit their liking. The WAVEPLATE is an integrated device that works in-concert with the running surface to create the most customizable surf wave ever. So you can have the wave you want and the wave that is most fun for you.
  • The NSS outperforms anything else currently offered in the marketplace by providing an incredible adjustable wave that makes wakesurfing more exciting than ever!

Once you experience the Nautique Surf System, we believe that you too will agree that it’s re-inventing what’s possible in the industry. And you to will understand why we were voted as having the most innovative product.

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