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Nautique Insider

Nautique Production System

Jan 14, 2008

A little over a year ago, after more than 80 years, Correct Craft moved the entire Nautique team to a brand new production facility. Most people told me that it would take at least two years to get our over 400 employees settled and working efficiently in the new facility.

I am happy to write that our team has done a great job adjusting to the new facility. Things are going so well that we kicked off 2008 with the introduction of our new Nautique Production System.

The foundation for the Nautique Production System actually started many months ago when we began working on our new Strategic Plan and implementing an extensive Employee Development Program. Our Strategic Plan not only calls for significant employee development, it also sets high goals for both productivity and quality.

The Nautique Production System includes several of the elements we will use to achieve the objectives laid out in our Strategic Plan. It combines the extra care that has always gone into making Nautiques with tools offered by Lean Six Sigma.

To introduce the Nautique Production System we took over 20 of our Operations managers and supervisors off-site to a lodge where we could discuss this initiative uninterrupted. The excitement level rose throughout the day as the managers began to see a clear picture of where we are going as an Operations team.

In some cases, we are codifying techniques that make Nautiques special; in other cases, we are introducing new techniques that we believe will take Nautiques’ legendary quality to a level never before seen in the boating industry. We are excited about making Nautiques by Correct Craft even better.

So, what does the Nautique Production System mean for the Nautique buyer? It means that everyone who buys a Nautique can have the utmost confidence that we are doing everything we can to make their Nautique the best possible boat they can buy. Continuous improvement makes for a better boating experience and that makes both us and our customers happy.

Every year Nautiques by Correct Craft wins our industry’s most prestigious awards for customer satisfaction. We are happy about those awards but have no intention of being satisfied. The best getting better – this is our goal!

Enjoy the Nautique life!