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Apr 16, 2015

Bill Yeargin, Angela Pilkington, and Greg Meloon

For over forty years the names Correct Craft and Nautique were nearly synonymous. Both names were highly respected and each had (and still does have) very loyal customers and fans.

However, for many years there was also a lot of confusion in the marketplace regarding who each of the entities were. So, several years ago we kicked off a campaign to clarify each of the brands. Correct Craft became owner of Nautique Boat Company and the branding on our Nautique boats and in the marketplace started becoming simpler and clearer.

Besides creating clarity in the marketplace related to Nautique the change also allowed us to view Correct Craft in a new way. We began to envision Correct Craft as a vehicle to grow our organization allowing us to bring new brands and companies into our family.

So, the past few years we have taken steps to grow Correct Craft a few different ways:
All of this growth has required me to focus more on my role as CEO and President of Correct Craft and allows me less time with the Nautique team. Fortunately for all of us, Nautique has an amazingly talented and deep team and this is an easy transition.

  • We started Aktion Parks. This entity manages boat and cable parks and owns two of the world’s best: Orlando Watersports Complex and Miami Watersports Complex.
  • We recently purchased Pleasurecraft Marine which builds the world’s best engines: PCM, Crusader and Levitator.
  • We have acquired the world’s highest quality bass boat company: Bass Cat.
  • We also acquired the world’s highest quality walleye boat company: Yar-Craft.

Therefore, today I am happy to announce the following promotions:
Angela and Greg will both report directly to me and I have complete confidence in both of them; I know they will do a great job!

  • Greg Meloon is being promoted to President of Nautique. In his new role Greg will be responsible for Product Development, Marketing and Sales. Greg’s family started Correct Craft ninety years ago and he has grown up with Nautique. For many years he represented Nautique in the Midwest and the past eight years has served on the executive team at our headquarters in Orlando. Greg bleeds Nautique and has a passion for ensuring we are clearly the industry’s top boat. Many of the awards we have won over the past few years (Boat of the Year, Wakeboard Boat of the Year, Wakesurf Boat of the Year, the industry’s Most Innovative Product and many others) are a direct result of initiatives Greg led. When not working at Nautique Greg can usually be found on the water with his family in or behind a Nautique!
  • Angela Pilkington is being promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Nautique. In her new role Angela will be responsible for Production, Quality, Supply Chain Management, as well as all Accounting and Administrative functions of Nautique. Angela has been with our company for over thirty years and most recently served as Correct Craft’s Vice President of Administration. Angela and I have worked closely together the past eight years and there are few people who I respect more. Angela will do an outstanding job in her new role.

So how do these changes impact you as a Nautique customer? Well, they are good news! Greg and Angela have both been involved with Nautique for decades and are completely committed to our culture of quality and service. There are not two better people to continue to build on our wonderful legacy and the great foundation that has been built for them. I am very excited to see how much better Nautique will be with Greg and Angela in their new roles! The future is bright!

The world’s best ski boats; the world’s best wake boats; and a company that cares!