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Nautique Cares - Apache Reservation

Jul 20, 2011

Nautique Team serving on the Apache reservation

Nautique Team Serving

The past few days I have been privileged to join twenty-four amazing Nautique employees trying to make our world better. More specifically, we have been on the Apache reservation in Arizona helping build houses for needy families.

The experience was incredible. The Nautique employees worked extremely hard but everyone truly loved it. We have an amazing team at Nautique who get a lot of satisfaction from trying to help others, even when there is no chance of a payback.

During our days on the Apache Reservation in Arizona we worked on two houses. Our jobs included installing windows, beams, doors as well as doing work on the roofs and site clean-up. Our team even designed a new mold that can be used on future houses! The temperature was over 100 degrees and we got to experience a mini-twister called a dust devil, a major hail storm and a significant dust storm; however, there was not one complaint by anyone on our team; everyone was thrilled to be serving in that way. The work was hard but at the same time very fulfilling.

We also had the chance to meet the families who will be living in the houses we were building. Meeting the families made the work all that much more personal and increased our team’s already high motivation to do a great job.

This trip to Arizona was the fifth long distance service trip Nautique employees have taken in the past four years. Other trips included two different trips to Mexico to build houses for two needy families there, worked in an orphanage in Nicaragua, and last year built beds for disadvantaged families in Guatemala.

Our Nautique team also tries to support our community in Central Florida. In recent years we have taken groups of Nautique employees to serve at Give Kids the World, Coalition for the Homeless and most recently a group of Nautique employees helped build houses in Orlando for Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, each year a group of Nautique employees and athletes have an event to give inner-city kids in Central Florida a boating experience.

We have a very special company and a very special team of employees. I am proud to be a play a small role with such a great group. Nautique truly cares.

The same passion that goes into serving our community does not end there; it goes into each Nautique boat we build. Our team is equally committed to building the world’s best boats and making sure our customers have a great experience with Nautique.

If you are not yet part of the Nautique family we would love to have you join us. You can search here for the dealer closest to you.

Enjoy the Nautique life!