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Nautique Insider


Oct 10, 2011

Nautique team with Hanifah, event organizer extraordinaire!

Jump ramp at the Nautique Asian Championships

Our team had big expectations for the Nautique Asian Championships but, it is fair to say, they were exceeded on numerous levels. The event, in Putrajaya Malaysia, was outstanding.

The Nautique Asian Championships saw the best watersports athletes across Asia compete at one of the world’s top watersports venues. There can be few, if any, places around the world better set up for wakeboarding and waterskiing than the lake in Putrajaya. And, the setting for off water events is equally impressive at the Pullman Resort located on the same lake. Combine the venue and off water facilities with the world’s best boats and the outstanding organization of Hanifah Yoong and you end up with a spectacular event.

I have met few people with the passion and selflessness of Hanifah Yoong. Hanifah is truly committed to our industry and developing athletes in Asia. It was an honor to work with him.

Despite some wind and rain the athlete performances at the Nautique Asian Championships were outstanding and we heard athlete after athlete tell our team about personal bests and national records they achieved at the event behind the Nautique boats. Both the Ski Nautique and Super Air Nautique performed flawlessly. One by one the athletes raved that the Nautique boats were providing just the wake they needed to achieve their best performance at their highest level.

Our Nautique team is excited to be able to support our sport all over the world. Whether you are in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, or the Americas, Nautique is leading the way when it comes to not only building the world’s best boats but also in support of our industry. We have for the last eighty-six years and we will continue to do so.

If you are already part of our global Nautique family, we appreciate your loyalty. If you are not yet part of the Nautique family we invite you to join us. Wherever you live, odds are we have a Nautique dealer near you. You can find the one closest to you HERE.

Enjoy the Nautique life!