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Nautique - Asia!

Mar 29, 2011

Korea's Ambassador with Bill Yeargin, Ralph Meloon and Greg Meloon

Bill with new friends at a Ski School in Malaysia

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to spend fourteen days traveling through seven Asian countries getting to know many of the key Asian leaders in our industry. It was an exciting trip and I met many, many Nautique fans in every country I visited.

One of the places I visited was Seoul, Korea. The people of Seoul were very hospitable, the food was great and the city is very impressive. There is an excitement and real optimism about the future in Korea (as there was in all the Asian countries); I truly enjoyed my time there. I also enjoyed the opportunity to meet with some of the many watersports enthusiasts and leaders in that country. I heard them all talk about Nautique boats and how our products have had such a strong presence in their country for many years.

Since I had such a positive visit to Seoul I was thrilled to return home and learn about the Korean Ambassador’s interest in visiting our facility in Orlando. The Ambassador, the Honorable Han Duk-soo, is a former Prime Minister of Korea and has two graduate degrees from Harvard. He is a very impressive gentleman!

During the Ambassador’s visit to our facility we talked about Korea and our company’s relationship with their country. We gave the Ambassador a tour of our facility and he spoke about how impressed he was with our boats and what we do. I shared with him how impressed I was with his country.

Needless to say, we were honored by the Ambassador’s visit.

During my travels through Asia I was excited to hear people all over the continent speak about Nautique boats in such high regard. All over Asia they were interested in our wakeboard boats, the innovative Ski Nautique, the new Sport Nautique 200 and, of course everyone wanted to hear more about the electric boat we introduced earlier this year. Nautique enthusiasm is high in Asia!

Whether you live in Asia, right here in our home town of Orlando, Florida, or anywhere else in the world, we know you too will love owning a Nautique boat.

Summer is close – contact your closest Nautique dealer today to learn how you too can get into a world-class Nautique. All over the world people who buy a Nautique stay loyal to our brand forever – so find out for yourself and visit your local Nautique dealer.

Enjoy the Nautique life!