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Nautique Insider


Oct 03, 2014

Nautique Factory

Inside the Nautique Factory

The past three years I have been honored to do a fair bit of work in Washington DC. The work has included two White House visits including an Oval Office meeting with the President, speaking at a ceremony welcoming the new Korean ambassador to the US, numerous meetings with Representatives and Senators on Capitol Hill and mostly working as a member of the Manufacturing Council (a group of business leaders who advise the US Secretary of Commerce.)

One of the regular topics of discussion during my meetings in DC is the resurgence of US manufacturing and the need for good people in our manufacturing companies. Currently manufacturers have more jobs available than there are qualified people to take the jobs.

Part of this shortfall, unfortunately, is because many people have a misunderstanding of what manufacturing is all about. Some have an incorrect perception of manufacturing as being dark, dirty, dangerous and dull (the 4 d’s of manufacturing misperception) when, in reality, manufacturing is an exciting segment full of dynamic career opportunities. I have visited manufacturing plants all over the world and know firsthand that many of them provide an exciting career of great challenge and opportunity.

At Nautique we do factory tours every day and are always happy to show off our state-of-the art facility. We also enjoy doing what we can to help others including high school kids who may be looking for a career they can enjoy. Finally, we want to do our part to break the misperceptions many have about manufacturing in general.

So, today we were happy to host high school students from all over Central Florida. Our team had a chance to share not only insights into manufacturing but also some of the things we enjoy about what we do. We were able to give the students an interesting plant tour and after lunch we worked through some thought-provoking simulations with them in order to give them an even better feel for what manufacturing really is. The students loved the day and many left with a whole new perception of manufacturing.

Our industry consistently votes Nautique our industry’s highest awards including Boat of the Year, Manufacturer of the Year, Most Innovative Product and many more. We encourage you to come by and see how our team does it. If you haven’t yet toured our facility in Central Florida we encourage you to visit us on your next trip to Orlando. We would love to meet and show you how we build the world’s best boats and hopefully share what manufacturing is really about!

The world’s best wake boat; the world’s best ski boat; and a company that cares!