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Nautique Insider

More than Boats

May 12, 2011

Nautique employees building beds in Guatemala

Our Nautique team is very proud of not only our boats but also the efforts of our dealers and employees to ensure every Nautique customer’s expectations are exceeded. It is our goal to build the world’s best boats and for our customers to be completely satisfied.

However, there is another side to our company that is equally important. You see, we believe we are supposed to do more than just build the world’s best boats.

Our belief is that we are also here to give back and make the world a better place.
I was reminded of this recently when I travelled to Vienna, Austria to join a group of wonderful people from organizations around the world that Correct Craft helps support.

Organizations like:
These were just three of the people I met in Austria who Correct Craft is working to support. There were also several others with equally important programs.

  • Project Mercy, an international relief organization serving people in Ethiopia. I met the founder and president of this organization who is regarded as the Mother Theresa of Ethiopia.
  • Josiah Venture, an organization led by Dave Patty that is helping teens all over Eastern Europe experience a better life.
  • Grace Home for Girls in India, led by Ralph Borde, a group taking young girls in India and giving them a brighter future.

We enjoy being able to financially help organizations around the world but our team at Correct Craft is also very hands on and is always wanting to serve.

Each year we take employees on an international service trip. During the last four years we have taken groups of employees twice to Mexico to build a house for a needy family, we have worked in Nicaragua at a shelter for homeless mothers and we have built beds for the needy in Guatemala.

Locally, in Central Florida, our employees have donated time to serve many different groups including Habitat for Humanity, Give Kids the World and the Coalition for the Homeless.

One of our core values at Nautique is that we should use our time and resources to do more than build boats; we should also use them to help those less fortunate in an effort to make a better world. We don’t expect anyone to buy a Nautique because of these activities but we hope that Nautique owners will be proud to be part of a family who wants to give back.

Enjoy the Nautique life!