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Nautique Insider

Great Sales in a Tough Market

May 09, 2008

The Nautique team received some good news recently with the issuance of the 2008 1st quarter market share information in California. Not only were more Nautiques sold than any other towboat brand, but our company also outsold most manufacturers of any boat type.

California, one of the first states to issue first quarter market share information, is a large boating state with a lot of competition meaning that its results are significant. California is also a bell weather state; this state’s results often forecast outcomes in other states. Therefore, we are confident that we will see excellent results all across the nation and that many more people will be joining the Nautique family this coming year.

We are not surprised that more people are choosing to purchase Nautiques. Both our experience and market research tells us that when people take a close look at a Nautique they buy a Nautique. There are many reasons why people choose a Nautique, including:
Nautique owners have always been very loyal and we appreciate their loyalty. We take seriously our responsibility to reward their loyalty with an outstanding product.

  • Quality – you don’t receive six straight JD Power awards without having great quality
  • Service – there is no question that Nautique dealers are the industry’s best. Stop by and visit one – you’ll see for yourself
  • Performance – sure we have won a ton of world records but the performance we care most about is what you experience. Our salespeople tell me that when people ride in a Nautique they buy a Nautique. There is a reason for that – Nautiques are the best performing boats in the industry
  • Value – when you consider the quality construction, 5 year warranty, and high resale value Nautiques clearly provide the best value in comparison to any other boat brand
  • Fun – Owning a Nautique is just plain fun. If you own one you know what I mean

It is also great to see people who have never before owned a Nautique join our family, and we welcome you.

Enjoy the Nautique life!