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Nautique Insider

Good Investment Advice

Nov 13, 2008

As I suspect you have also been doing, I have been watching the stock market these last few weeks wondering what is going on. Up one day, down the next — it seems like there has been a fair amount of market volatility lately (how is that for an understatement?)

Well, if you are tired of worrying each day about whether the stock market is up or down, there is one place where you can invest your money that will provide you with a return much greater than any you can find in the stock market, even in good times…a new boat!

Now before you write this idea off as the biased ranting of a boating CEO, hear me out.

Is the most important thing in life worrying about the stock market every day and trying to, hopefully, squeeze a little positive return on our investments? Or, is it about investing in the things that really mater, like relationships?

In uncertain times, isn’t it interesting that the things that are really important (relationships) become clearer? And, one of the best ways I know to build relationships (and also get some stress relief) is to spend time on a boat.

As a father of two teenagers, I know that there is probably no better way to invest time in your kids than on a boat. They love it and how else can you spend your day within a few feet of your kids and still ensure that everyone has a great time? We have spent countless hours on and behind our boats over the years. When I have long forgotten how my mutual funds did last year I will remember the time I spent boating with my friends and family.

People who have grown up in boating families know what I mean – there is NO amount of financial return that we would trade for that time spent on our boats being together and creating memories. Boating is money well spent.

So, now that you see how boating is a good investment, what boat should you buy? Well, I am glad you asked!

Buying a new Nautique with unmatched performance and quality, incredible 5 year warranty, and a historically high resale value is the best financial boating decision you can make. Great fun, building relationships and ownership value – what a combination!

Do you have a story about how your boat has helped you with the things that are really important in life? Email your story to me at and I may write about some of your experiences in a future Nautique Insider.

Make a good investment by contacting your local Nautique dealer (See Dealer Locator on this page) and find the boat that will help you invest in the things that are really important.

Enjoy the Nautique life!