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G23 - Unsolicited Customer Letter

May 15, 2013

Wakesurfing behind the Super Air Nautique G23

Wakeboarding behind the Super Air Nautique G23

Rarely a day passes that I do not hear from someone who wants to tell me how much they love their Nautique. Whether stopping me to talk at an event, sending an email or a Facebook message, or calling, people love to talk about their Nautique boats!

Recently I received the below email from the owner of a new Super Air Nautique G23:

“Hi Bill,

I’ve returned from my first day using my new G23….and honestly, I’m pretty speechless.

Bill I’ve owned a lot of boats over the past three decades….but nothing…repeat NOTHING compares to what I was in today. We had about 10 people out with us….all our gear / boards / vests / towels got stowed / no clutter, no sacks, pumps, weights. I grabbed a surfer….hit the Surf button….and was off. Ridiculous wake…but one that could be fine-tuned further depending on the shape / length / size we wanted. Want to pull a wakeboarder…one button. By the time he got his board on…the G was ready. No shifting of people… no sacs to fill… no adjusting at all. The wake… impeccable… no white wash… great shape… perfect. Double ups…other boats wakes….no problem…no slamming / jarring impact…smooth / comfortable….awesome. Novice wakeboard up next… no problem… one button and a 16 mph clean wake was there. Simply blown away how versatile a boat can be…and so easy to use.

I think the best thing that summed up our experience today was this… of the riders who went with us today rode in the morning behind his new (competitor’s boat name deleted). His comment to me after getting behind the G was…“I don’t know why I go and ride behind the (competitor’s boat name deleted).... the wake is so inconsistent and rollie and I struggle with my tricks” .....“I come here…with a boat with no extra weight, with people all over the boat and the wake is perfect… the Nautique is perfect”.

But beyond this from my personal perspective….I had 2 families, and about 5 others on our boat today who all had an amazing time on the water, in total comfort with a world class wake to ride….simply awesome!! How anyone who was looking for a new wake boat in this category, that got in the G23, drove it and used it, could select another boat simply baffles my mind. This boat is a masterpiece! I can’t wait to use it again! Congratulations on a job WELL DONE!”

The best part of this letter? These comments are not unusual, I hear them often…

The world’s best wake boat; the world’s best ski boat; and, a company that cares!

Enjoy the Nautique life!