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Apr 04, 2012

Admiring the new Super Air Nautique G23!

Bill addressing the overflow crowd as we revealed the Super Air Nautique G23

In early March our Nautique team began rolling out the launch plan for the unveiling of the boat the world has now seen, our revolutionary new Super Air Nautique G23!

When we started executing the launch plan people in our industry almost immediately began asking me if I thought we were building up expectations to an unreachable level. I was reminded many times that we were making a big gamble if we could not deliver on the lofty claims of wakeboard athletes like Shaun Murray who were using words like “game changer” to describe our new G23.

The hype built all through March and by the time we held our unveiling of the new G23, tens of thousands of people had shown interest in the new boat through our website, discussion boards, Facebook and other social media outlets. A big crowd showed up for the unveiling causing us to run out of both parking and room for everyone in the building. Both the webcast, which was well planned, and our Nautique website blew up because such a huge number of people were trying to access it at once. The world wanted to learn about this new Nautique!

Well now the world has seen what we kept for a secret for so long. People have had a chance to experience what we believed would be changing our industry, the all-new Super Air Nautique G23.

The comments have been unbelievable and confirmed exactly what we knew, the boat is amazing. Person after person who has been on the water with the boat has told me how their expectations have not only been met, but have been exceeded! One respected industry leader (and great wakeboarder) rode behind the boat with stock ballast and told me he would be scared to put extra ballast in the boat. In just the first few days since the boat has been introduced two long-time pro wakeboarders, Jeff McKee and JD Webb, have already landed new tricks they have never before been able to land.

The hype was big but if you ask anyone who has experienced the boat – expectations have been met and exceeded! In fact, want an outside opinion? Check out Transworld Wakeboarding Magazine’s review of the G23 at

We have already built several of the Super Air Nautique G23’s and full production starts May 1. You will see this new boat on the water this summer!

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The world’s best ski boat; the world’s best wakeboard boat; and a company that cares!

Enjoy the Nautique life!