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Nautique Insider


Nov 15, 2013

The Super Air Nautique G21

Wakeboarding behind the Super Air Nautique G21

A year and a half ago Nautique rocked the world of wake with the introduction of the Super Air Nautique G23. Since then many things have happened including:

  • Last summer’s introduction of the G23’s sister boat, the Super air Nautique G25
  • Lots of new tricks by pros and others all over the world; hardly a day goes by that someone does not tell me how their wakeboarding has improved behind a G boat
  • Significant market share increase for Nautique boats
  • Selection as our industry’s Manufacturer of the Year both times it has been awarded since the G23 introduction
  • Our industry peers voted the G-Series as the most innovative wake boat on the market
  • Our industry peers also voted Nautique as the Buzz Brand of the Year for all the buzz created by the G-Series
  • Riders from all over the world voted the G23 as Wakeworld’s Boat of the Year

And, I am just scratching the surface with the many, many accolades Nautique has received for its G-Series; it has clearly become the most desired boat in our industry and there is not a close second!

Today we are thrilled to announce that we are expanding the G-Series boats with the introduction of the Super Air Nautique G21!

I don’t think a week has gone by over the past eighteen months without someone asking me about when they can get a 21 foot version of the G-Series. At boat shows, tournaments, at our cable parks and even in restaurants, people come up to me asking about the possibility of getting a G21. So, our team is happy to deliver the boat our industry has asked us to build; the Super Air Nautique G21!

Over the past few months and as we have been preparing for this introduction many people have had the opportunity to ride in and behind the amazing new G21. Everyone who has experienced this boat has a similar comment – there is not a 21 foot boat in our industry even close to the performance and versatility of the Super Air Nautique G21!

So, today as we introduce the G21, we look forward to you having a chance to experience it yourself. Those who have already been in the boat love it and we are positive you will too! To learn more about the all-new Super Air Nautique G21, contact your nearest Nautique dealer.

The world’s best ski boat; the world’s best wake boat; and, a company that cares.

Enjoy the Nautique life!