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Nautique Insider

Focused on the Future

Oct 12, 2010

At Nautique we are VERY proud of our past and we like to celebrate it. We have many long-time employees working with us including several from the Meloon family who founded our company in 1925. Ralph Meloon, who is nearly 93 and still shows up for work every day, is loved by our team and he and others keep us solidly grounded to our very rich heritage.

We view this rich heritage as not just something of which to be proud, but more importantly an outstanding platform upon which to build. Our team is very future focused.

With a future-focus driving us, three years ago we implemented a three-year strategic plan that has been very successful. Despite a nearly 80% drop last year in industry-wide boat manufacturing and nearly a 75% drop in industry-wide retail sales over the past two years, our company and the Nautique brand is stronger than ever. The Strategic Plan we just finished helped us navigate through the economic hurricane and become a much better company. We are happy that Correct Craft , the manufacturer of Nautique, has its best team ever and we are financially stronger than at any other time in our history.

While we are happy with what we have accomplished, especially during an economic hurricane, we are not remotely satisfied. So, for the past few months we have been working on a new Strategic Plan and just finished it last week. Though it is only a few days old, we have already begun executing it.

The improvements we will make to our company over the next four years (the length of our current plan) will be impressive. We plan to exceed our already high standards. It will be an exciting time to be an employee, dealer, vendor, or customer of Nautique.

At Nautique we have dominated the awards given out in all areas of our business and we are very proud of that. Industry research tells us that Nautique has the most loyal customers in the boating industry and we are really proud of that too because we work hard to earn that loyalty. However, we want to get much better and we are determined to do it.

It is a great time to be part of the Nautique family!