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Nautique Insider


Jun 12, 2013

Ben, Brandon Thomas (BT) and Bill on the Nautique after some wakeskating fun

The growing family of boaters!

For our family, this past month has been epic. In May my two daughters graduated from college and this past weekend my oldest daughter got married. A lot to happen in 29 days!

Fortunately, I have been blessed with a wonderful family and over the years many people have asked what has kept us close. There are lots of answers to that question but near the top of the list would definitely be boating.

Now, I know you expect me to say this, but, I truly believe boating has played a key role helping us develop a strong family. Since my now adult children were just little girls we have spent much of our family time waterskiing, kneeboarding, wakeboarding, wakeskating, wakesurfing, and tubing.

Boating has given our family a common interest to enjoy and a great reason to spend time together. While growing up in Florida, with a plethora of distractions, our kids (and their friends) wanted to hang out with us on the boat!

I am happy to report that my new son-in-law, Ben, also enjoys boating and he and I have already spent a lot of time out in our Nautique wakeskating. And, even though he is already better than me it is still a blast to spend time with him in the Nautique. The fun continues as our family grows!

For those looking to build strong families and invest in the relationships closest to you look no further; I have your answer. Boating is a great way to invest in your family and there is not a better family fun boat than Nautique!

The world’s best ski boat; the world’s best wake boat; and a company that cares!

Enjoy the Nautique life!