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Nautique Insider

Electric Nautique!

Jan 25, 2011

I can hardly begin to describe how excited I am about this Nautique Insider. I have wanted to write it for several weeks now but have been patiently (OK, not so patiently) waiting. The news I have been excited to share? A 100% electric Nautique is on the water and it is INCREDIBLE!

The new Ski Nautique E is on the water running and it has been a huge positive surprise to everyone. The electric propulsion system has proven great performance, runs for an unexpectedly long time, and is fun!

The Nautique team has been working with our friends at LTS Marine on this boat for some time now but it was just a few weeks ago that I realized how great a performing boat we have. My first real inclination just how incredible the new electric Nautique is occurred when I got an email from Andy Mapple (regarded by many as the greatest skier ever) telling me that he had skied behind the boat and he was totally impressed. If Andy was impressed I knew it had to be good.

Despite Andy’s comments, my real awakening related to this boat was when I drove it. After climbing in the boat with the LTS team, and getting behind the wheel, we pushed off the dock and at first it felt a little strange. Total quiet, so much so that my first reaction was to figure out how to turn it on! After realizing that there was no idle engine noise I took off in the boat and was totally and pleasantly surprised at how well it performed.

After driving the boat through the slalom course and taking some turns I was sold; this boat is awesome. The thing that also impressed me was that the boat had been in testing most of the day so I was driving it after it had already been on the water for a few hours. The boat still did nearly 40 mph and was impressive in every manner.

Two of the world’s best know skiers, Andy Mapple and Whitney McClintock both have skied behind the boat and both are also impressed. Andy said that this was the most impressive advancement he had seen in his career. Whitney said the only difference she noted, which was positive, was the silence while she was skiing.

For 86 years the Nautique team has been the company to consistently push our industry ahead with innovation after innovation. Once again I am proud to say that we along with our friends at LTS are clearly leading the way!

The same effort, creativity and innovation that went into the Ski Nautique E goes into every Nautique we build. We encourage you to visit your closest Nautique dealer and see how you can own the industry’s leading towboat. Just ask around, you will learn that once you have owned a Nautique, you will never want anything else!

Finally, to see a video of this exciting new boat in action, click here.

Enjoy the Nautique life!