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Dec 03, 2008

Glen Till Jr and friends with his Correct Craft 30 years ago

Glen Till Jr with his Correct Craft today

On November 13 I posted a Nautique Insider entry called “Good Investment Advice.” The posting presented my view that in uncertain economic times the best investment you can make just might be a new boat, especially a Nautique. The basis of my argument was that there is nothing better we can invest in than our relationships, and especially with our families.

After posting that entry I received many emails from Nautique owners who wanted to second my opinion about how their investment in a Nautique was really an investment in relationships. They wrote about how their Nautique had made their families stronger.

A couple of the people who wrote back said that they had used their Nautique boats to propose to their spouses. One of them found out after he proposed on his boat that the previous owner of the boat had done the same thing on it. (Hey Guys, if you are having a hard time getting her to say yes – I know where you can find a boat that may improve your odds of getting the answer you want!)

I cannot list all the people who wrote but some actual quotes from the responses I received are as follows:

“It was 30 years ago that I purchased what was my dream come true, a Correct Craft American Skier. She still looks and rides the same because of the quality boat Correct Craft makes. It has truly been a wonderful 30 years! Now I have my first grandson and I want him to experience the same wonderful times…”

Glen – Birmingham, Alabama

“Even from way back when I have loved Nautiques. I still remember my daughters’ squeals of delight on our first trip in the new Nautique as we checked out her hole shot and she planed almost instantly. We turned her bow north, with a warm sun upon us, wind in our hair, radio playing Steve Miller. Not a soul on the lake, just free as a man can feel, perfectly content that he’s begun to frame a lifetime of memories. I looked at my family, one by one and tried to figure out who had the biggest smile. It was an epic day, laughter and fun encased in a memory as unforgettable as a first kiss. Four weeks ago we welcomed our third girl into the world, Emma Isabella, and I wait with baited breath for her maiden voyage this spring.”

Travis – Choctaw Lake

“Nautiques have played a big part in our lives. There is nothing like good times on the water with family and friends!”

Jeff – Virginia

“The consensus around our household is that if everything goes really bad we’ll sell everything – except the Nautique. To sum it all up, my family is my priority and our Nautique gives us quality time together. Thanks for producing such a high quality product – and thanks for recognizing that it is more than a boat – it is a lifestyle.”

Mike – Kennesaw, GA

“Correct Craft has changed my family’s life more than you could imagine – God bless you people”

Jody – San Antonio

“I looked at MasterCraft and Malibu and they don’t match the Nautique. We are really excited about our new boat and I know we bought the best product out there. Thank you for building a great product…”

Conrad – Vancouver, BC

“I just wanted to let you know how much boating has changed our family’s life and how much we enjoy the Correct Craft boats…..they are just awesome….”

Darin – Carmel, Indiana

Enjoy the Nautique life!