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Nautique Insider

Clean, Lean and Powerful

Mar 24, 2008

The Nautique team works hard to do everything we can to manage our business in an environmentally friendly way. We try to buy eco-friendly materials and use equipment that helps reduce the impact we make on our world. Also, when we built our new facility we tried to design it with environmentally responsible operations in mind.

We know that sometimes operating in an environmentally friendly manner requires making sacrifices. However, when we are able to engage in a partnership that is both environmentally friendly and makes our boats’ performance and quality even better it is a real home run.

Home run is a good way to describe the new PCM 6 liter catalyst equipped engine we are now offering in our Nautique boats. Not only is the new engine eco-friendly with the lowest emissions in the inboard industry but its 409 horsepower performs like a dream.

Last week we had an on-water demo of the new engine in California. “Excited” doesn’t begin to describe the positive remarks of those who attended. Some actual comments from that demo were:
We have offered PCM engines in our boats for a long time and year after year they continue to meet and exceed our expectations. Apparently PCMmeets our customers’ expectations too based on the many awards they have won including 3 straight J.D. Power awards. Combine their 3 with our 6 J.D. Power awards and PCM and Nautique are a team no one in our industry can touch.

  • That engine is a “hot-rod!”
  • “Even with the wakeboard boat fully-loaded with ballast, and five people on board, it accelerated like a closed-bow Ski Nautique.”
  • “The 409 horsepower is real horsepower; in fact, it felt like even more horsepower than the listed amount of 409.”
  • “That 409 is incredible.”
  • “It’s quiet. It’s powerful…”
  • “No smell of exhaust”
  • “Incredibly quiet”
  • “I ordered my boat with a 409, and I don’t even need a catalyst engine in my state.”

In the spirit of innovation that has characterized Nautique boats for many decades, our team is proud to offer you great performance that is also eco-friendly.

Enjoy the Nautique life!