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Nautique Insider

Buxton Marine’s 20th Anniversary!

Feb 03, 2009

At the Dallas Boat Show with Team Buxton

Crowded Nautique booth in Dallas

I am often asked something along the lines of “What is the Nautique secret?” People want to know what we do to keep Nautique owners so happy that most of them become lifetime customers and Nautique enthusiasts. The best I can answer, in a nutshell, is that the Nautique secret is incredible product sold and serviced by equally incredible dealers.

Last Friday night this combination of incredible product and incredible dealer service was on full display at the Dallas Boat Show during Buxton Marine’s 20th anniversary celebration.

The Buxton booth was packed all evening and I enjoyed the opportunity to speak with many people who were anxious to tell me how much they love their Nautique. Numerous people shared with me their stories of how they treasure spending time with their family and friends on their Nautique. One Nautique fan even raised his shirt to show me the Nautique 210 tattoo on his back and, believe me, this was no little tattoo – it was a big one! (By the way, that’s not the first time I have been shown a Nautique tattoo.) It was a lot of fun to hear so many people tell me about the joy they get from living the Nautique life.

While it was clear that Nautique customers in the Dallas area love their boats, it was equally clear that they love their dealer, Buxton Marine. Over and over the comment people made to me during the Friday night celebration and on Saturday during the show was that they feel like they are part of the Buxton family. Jim, Jane, Phil, Michelle and the entire Buxton crew do a great job of developing relationships and people keep coming back to them year after year. The customers I spoke with have full confidence that the Buxton team will take great care of them. We appreciate the team at Buxton and are thrilled that they are part of the Nautique family.

My experience last Friday night in Dallas happens time after time as I travel around the country and visit with our dealers and their customers. Not only does Nautique build the world’s best boats, we also have the world’s best dealers.

In uncertain economic times it is nice to know that you can feel safe investing in a Nautique that is sold and serviced by a world class Nautique dealer. Even better, your return on that investment will be memories with friends and family that will last a lifetime.

Enjoy the Nautique life!