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Nautique Insider

Billion Dollar Baby!

Sep 15, 2009

Hanging out with the guy in Sports Illustrated

Bob's the one in the air!

It’s not every day you get to hang out with someone featured in that week’s Sports Illustrated. However, that is exactly what I got to do this past weekend when Bob “Billion Dollar Baby” Soven came over to my house for a little fun on the water. Bob is a Team Nautique member who totally dominated his wakeboard events this past year; in fact he did so well that his success was written up in this week’s Sports Illustrated. Pretty cool Bob, we are proud of you!

If you have met Bob you are aware that he is an incredibly funny guy. When I see him at an event or around the factory it usually isn’t too long before he has me laughing. He is also an all around good guy who the fans love – Bob is definitely a class act.

Bob is a young guy but also an incredibly talented wakeboarder. So talented, in fact, that he not only dominated the wakeboard world this past year, he also developed an original wakeboard trick, aptly named the “Billion Dollar Baby.” Only a few people can say they developed an original wakeboard trick and had the chance to name it; Bob is one of those people.

I was happy to have Bob come hang out at the house and get out in my boat to do a little riding. We decided to ride together and even got a few pics, one of which we have put to the right (Bob is the one in the air!)

Congrats again Bob on being in this week’s Sports Illustrated. You have an amazing career ahead of you and we are happy that you choose to train behind a Nautique.

Bob gets his edge by training behind the world’s best wakeboard boat, the Super Air Nautique. Fortunately, the same boat Bob uses is available to help you. Be the best you can be by riding behind the boat chosen by the world’s best wakeboarders. Contact a Nautique dealer for your demo ride today.

Enjoy the Nautique life!